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If you’re reading this from an office, coffee shop, commuting journey, or at home, I’d love for you to reflect upon your surroundings right now, including the group that you call ‘my team’ at work. Who are these faces and who are the positions in senior roles making decisions? If like most of us, let’s be honest. It can be much more diverse and interesting than what it currently is.

I have good news, scroll on.

I designed a crypto wallet landing page starter design pack in Figma intending to raise funds for the emergency relief in Gaza, Palestine. Check it out, download and replicate it, and share it across your networks.

Crypto/ Saas/ startup Landing page template designed in figma
Crypto/ Saas/ startup Landing page template designed in figma

I treated myself to some UI focus time and created 2 fictional start-ups with branding and intent to offer a solid landing page starter kit that might generate some donation funds for those in critical need. Whilst making this I reflected on the UX designers, UI designers, product designers, visual creatives, and developers who have been ripped out of their homes, livelihoods, and jobs. One day they were in stand-ups, demos, tickets, and slack threads with you … the next day fighting for their lives.

Digital agency in Palestine

I would like to challenge your perception of Palestine, the media continues to show a tsunami of wreckage, decimation, and a country that looks completely inhospitable. Excluding the very reality of genocide, and the years of occupation, in reality, this is a country that rebuilds itself continually and is home to professionals just like you and the people at your workplace. The remote workforce is strong and has been for many years.

The tech scene in Palestine is thriving, why? Because the love of mobile, web, software, cloud computing, design, and content is in high demand and the hub is alive. Fun fact: high-achieving problem solvers are based there, designing solutions and shipping products for BIG names all over the globe like Google.

But genocide robs that normality and is a thief of opportunity, resources and humanity.

Even against the odds, life must prevail and people need opportunities, projects, and roles to resume a way of normality again somehow.

The unemployment rate in Palestine is high, at 24%; the percentage is higher among youth, up to 35%, while unemployment in the Gaza Strip is at a terrifying 45%.

So here are some ways to reach and seek professionals, your future opportunity might open a door for a talented professional who could elevate your team, help reach those company objectives, or lead that idea into a live product. Perhaps you might make a world of difference to them. Either way, it’s a good opportunity not to miss out on.

Ready to expand your team? Looking to hire talent? Here are some ways to join in the fresh perspectives and be part of the globalisation movement.

👩🏽‍💻 Gaza Sky Geeks: Hire top-tier developers, highly versed in progressive tech. Scale your team with confidence.

🎨 Dribble: Freelance UX and UI designers, also check out the illustration portfolios

📱 TAP matches high potentials from Palestine and Jordan with global startups to make a mutual positive impact.

🔥 drop:
Want some inspiration, good vibes AND hear amazing stories from the product scene closer to home? Check out MuslimTechFest in London this summer. It looks like a world of amazing. Hope to see you there 😃.




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